The Entrepreneurs Group

Building Start-Ups into Market Leaders

The Entrepreneurs Group is a network of highly successful technology entrepreneurs who serve as independent board members and strategic advisors to leading Silicon Valley start-up companies. Our primary focus is on developing Entrepreneurial Leadership, working closely with company founders and CEOs on the art and science of building high-   

growth market leaders. We are known for achieving exceptional results in three main areas: mentoring CEOs, scaling companies, and producing big outcomes.

Our systematic approach encompasses critical aspects of company building, including Executive team recruitment and leadership development; Market segmentation and product development; Sales, marketing and customer success; Business development, strategic planning, and operational scaling; and, Board management, fundraising, and M&A.  As former operating executives, we have deep experience leading companies through the many phases of rapid growth, from start-up and early milestones, to scale-up, market expansion, international, and successful exiting.  In the end, our job is to take the founders' vision and help turn it into reality.

Richard Yanowitch, Founder and CEO